2010 CFDSC London Paper

Wing Design for Range Maximization Using Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

Timothy M. Leung and David W. Zingg
Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada M3H 5T6

Presented at the 18th CFD Society of Canada Annual Conference, London, Ontario, May 2010.

Abstract: An efficient Newton-Krylov algorithm for high-fidelity aerodynamic shape optimization is used to in the design of wings to maximize the range of an aircraft. In this approach, the steady-state flow solution is computed using the Newton method with pseudo-transient continuation. A preconditioned Krylov method solves the linear system at each Newton iteration.  The objective function gradient is computed using the discrete adjoint method, with the adjoint system solved again using the same Krylov method. A quasi-Newton optimizer is used to find the search direction. It is coupled with a line-search algorithm. Our results show that the aerodynamic optimum for range maximization does not necessarily require the aircraft to have highly swept wings operating at high Mach numbers.